Terms & Conditions


The user of the products mentioned here – hereinafter called the Customer. The various software packaged distributed here by SalesComNet – hereinafter called the Distributor and the various owners of the various software packaged (ex. BBliverate, EasyHotelia) – hereinafter called the Supplier.

Scope and use

The subscription gives the customer the right to use the selected service. The right to use the subscription is held by the user that signed the subscription and the subscription may not be used by others, or for data processing for others. The customer is only entitled to use the service for the intended purposes. In the case of abuse the contract will be suspended without warning.

Operational Stability

The supplier aims for the highest possible operational stability, but is not responsible for any interruptions due to factors beyond the supplier’s control. Such interruptions include power failure, failure of equipment, connections and the like. In any case, the supplier aims to return to normal operation as soon as possible.


The supplier has the right to update and improve the application and change functionality as long as basic functionality is maintained – registration and management of reservations.


The application is copyrighted and owned in full by the Supplier. The Supplier may at any time transfer its rights and obligations to third parties, provided that he intends to continue to maintain the service according to this Agreement. Obligations of the Customer The Customer has the complete and full responsibility of the individual transactions and agreements entered into and managed through the supplier’s system. The Customer is responsible at all times for verifying that the information recorded or displayed in the system is correct. The Customer undertakes not to act in a manner that adversely affects others’ ability to use the system and not to register offensive or misleading information. Obligations of the Supplier The Supplier tries as far as possible to ensure that the system is working properly. This can not be guaranteed since the system may contain inaccuracies and typographical errors. The Supplier is not responsible for damage caused by third parties, business interruption, loss of income, consequential damages or other indirect loss or damage.

Privacy and data protection

The Supplier processes the customer data only for the Customer and not for their own, non-relevant purposes. All information obtained about the Customer is kept confidential by the Supplier and will not be disclosed to third parties. The Supplier has taken all the reasonable precautions necessary to prevent that the system information by error or illegal action is destroyed, lost, accessed by any unauthorized party or abused.


Any dispute arising under this agreement shall be entered in Athens court.

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